Endorsed “Highway Robbery”

How is it that a government can “force people” to save by auto deducting a certain % of money from a person’s pay cheque, then allow  auto deductions, by a third party, from that account WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT from the account holder?!?!?! 

A third party (in my experience, insurance companies) send you some insurance policy(s) in the mail and if you don’t sign and send them an opt out form by the date indicated, your policy goes into effect and the premium(s) are deducted from your “savings account”, yea the account that gets opened in your name by the govt, held by the govt and funded by the money auto deducted from your pay check.

Then when you try to call them and cancel, they’ll say they can’t process the request via telephone, and they may try to tell you that it is a compulsory policy set by blah blah blah. Why then, did they include an opt out form in the package?!

It is highly unreasonable and outright outrageous, in my opinion, that my personal particulars have been given out (by a gov’t entity) to a third party who is then able to come up with an insurance policy and then deduct premiums from my gov’t held “savings account” (UNLESS I submit a signed “opt out” letter by the stated date on the policy).

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