End of Slideshowpro

As of Jan. 9th, 2015, Slideshowpro.net, will no longer support their product. I’ve been using Slideshowpro’s software to make slideshows for years. Thanks, guys for your help over the years.

While I’m sad that they are closing their doors for business, I have to admit I was already looking for alternatives as Slideshowpro could no longer do what I needed it to and it was getting a bit too tedious as my portfolios get bigger. My search for a replacement hasn’t been going too well, lucky for me, the guys at Slideshowpro.net offered a couple of recommendations and so far I’m feeling like Juicebox may be the choice for me.

Here’s the link to Slideshowpro’s closing statement: http://slideshowpro.net/

Update Jan. 27, 2015

So after having searched for alternative slideshow software that auto scales content size to fit the screen with not much luck, Slideshow pro had pointed out the software Juicebox. After checking it out, I was going to buy it, but then thought of this: Juicebox makes the slideshow to be embedded into a web page, what about the rest of the webpage? How will I get that to scale to fit a mobile phone display? Thankfully, the makers of Juicebox have a product the call ShowKase which is their scaling, HTML 5 website maker that has Juicebox included. So I bought that. The “pro” version.

Here’s my initial thoughts…WHAT THE ?!?!?! Run the free compatibility software FIRST, you’ll need full root access from your host. Lucky for me, I got it to work well enough for me to start “playing” with it. So far, it seems to be able to do what is advertised. I say “seems” because I find it a bit difficult to find how to do things within showkase but building the slideshows using the Juicebox plugin for lightroom (included in the purchase of ShowKase) was straight forward and easy enough. Overall tho, so far, I’m liking the software, not liking my learning curve but maybe its because I have a lot of galleries to rebuild and I’m getting impatient.

I’ll write more about ShowKase in a new post when I get better at it. If you just need a slideshow builder, the Juicebox plugin for Lightroom is simple to install and use. Here’s the websites:



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