Phottix Odin, Mitros+ overexposure

If you’re experiencing over exposures in ETTL mode when using the Phottix Odin TCU and Mitros and or Mitros+ flashes OFF CAMERA, join the club!!! Here’s how I fixed it. But first a little more info.

I updated the firmware on the Odin, here’s the page to get the firmware:

Phottix Odin for Canon firmware update

Then if you’ll notice the lighter font section near the bottom “Update 08/8/13:” I followed that. Voila! over exposures when off camera (3 different flashes) in ETTL mode. Manual is fine, on camera is fine.

So after months, more like a year of just using my flashes in Manual mode and finding it a paint to keep pushing the buttons on the Odin TCU, I decided to try and fix my odin’s. Also I went to a Godox sales pitch thing regarding their new line of strobist gear…The gear and tech put me in the mindset where I was at when I contemplated the change from Canon to Phottix. Cost vs Tech. Phottix won…It seems Godox (to me) is getting there in terms of quality. They are cheaper than Phottix in price and the seems more versatile.  So I’m thinking about it because if I can get a fair price for my phottix gear, I can get a bigger (more stuff) Godox system. But then it’s such a hassle and I do so love my Phottix gear.

Anyways, as written on the Phottix page, it seems you need to turn the 1d to off…That didn’t work for me. However, I was thinking…ya maybe its a language barrier or I just interpreted it wrong, so I switched mine on. VOILA!!! IT WORKS!!! HAHAHA…don’t know why, or how but at this point, I don’t care cuz it’s working, YAY! If you’re pretty much in the same boat as I was, give it try, it’s just a setting, you can always change it back.

1d setting to fix ettl overexposure issues when using flash off camera

Good Luck! Hope this helps you!


After the above fix, I was playing around some more and found out that my both my Mitros+ flashes when used on camera in Odin Tx mode would grossly over expose. What?!?! So first thing I did was check firmware, mine was outdated so I updated. That is the fix that worked for me. A firmware upgrade to v 2.12. You can get the downloads you need as well as instructions on the Phottix website.

NOTE: Apparently, the updater software is OS specific (yes even different versions of Windows). I’ve read about differing named Windows OS not working ie WinXP and WinVista but for me I couldn’t get the updater to update the second Mitros+ on my Win10 hybrid laptop (the type where you can remove the keyboard). I kept getting the “No FDS Device” error.

My fix was to use my regular laptop running Win10 to update the firmware. The process was smooth as butter for both my Mitro+ and Mitros.

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Good Luck!!!

Canon firmware recall

If you own a Canon 7D Mark II, you’ll want to read about this to see if it’ll affect you. I haven’t been and don’t foresee I will be affected since I use a wireless router for my wireless shooting. You can read about my setup HERE.

To read up about the recall on Canon’s Europe site, its HERE.

Aftermath of my Samsung Note 5 Smash

OK, so a couple days ago, in a fit of rage, I stupidly threw my phone down on a counter it bounced off then onto the cement floor….yeah. Here’s a pic (there’s a slight warp to the phone now):

Smashed Samsung Note 5.

Smashed Samsung Note 5.

So after that bit of satisfaction of smashing something…I slowly started to realize that I just got the phone maybe 2 months ago (I swapped my brand new Samsung S7 for it) and I hadn’t done a back up yet and over the course of 2 months I met a lot of people at the exhibitions and events, not to mention the pics I used my phone for….So I’m stewing about to boil over so I exiled myself to a corner and I’m fighting off the flu.

The flu won, slept almost 2 days. So 3rd day, today, I’m up looked at the phone, no lights no nothin, plugged in, nothing…took my sim out to put in back up phone and left the house. Went around to the used kiosks to check prices of used phones and new phones as well as repair prices. After many oooh and aaahs about the condition of my phone here’s what I gathered:

Area: Toa Payoh, Orchard, Plaza Singapura (Country: Singapore)
Price range for screen inclusive of labor: $290 – $420
Price range for Motherboard inclusive of labor $250 – $300

The high prices are from Samsung. Note: If you let Samsung fix your phone they WILL wipe your phone! They said because they reflash the phone or something like that. Also, they won’t back up for you! Where as the shops, they only replace the display so your data will stay intact.

Price range for NEW Note 5 High $800’s to $900’s
Price range for used Note 5 between $500 and $600
Price range for used Note 4 Between $300 and $400

The worry now is the warp on the phone has it caused any issues with the motherboard, Samsung said maybe, other shops say probably not. All say have to replace the display first.

Time it takes to change the display is 2 hours, Samsung 2-3 days. The shops that don’t have the display in stock will take a week to get it in.

I went with a shop in Far East Plaza called CityMobi. A gentleman named James helped me out. After much deliberation I went with CityMobi because no one had a blue display (my Note 5 is the blue one) but he offered gold or white. No one else offered. But most of all, in my opinion, he was the most honest, realistic person that I had spoken to. He was pretty sure the bend was not serious and the motherboard should be fine.

So I chose the gold display went back 1h 45 min later and it was done. The phone works, my data is all there and dang, I think two tone looks pretty good. The phone is still a bit warped, the speaker grill thing at the top is a bit wonky but hey….it works!

Anyways, i was offered a discount on a gold colored case (I guess my two tone phone isn’t as cool as I thought?) and screen protector so what the heck I got both. All in, it cost me $325, an expensive lesson to learn what button sets me off.

I hope none o’ya have to go through this but if ya do, I hope the numbers and process helps calm you down. Oh, if you haven’t done so already, BACK UP YOUR DATA!