Asus T100 mini review

Having finally decided to pick this up after days of research (specs wise) in accordance to my needs.  Here are some things I kinda wish I didnt forget to check and or pick up.
1) screen protector. The screen is a finger print smudge collector and my fingers dont slide smoothly over it…
2) Make sure you have a way to load programs that you have on cd. I use an external cd drive that I have in storage. Which didnt work so I took out the cd drive from my desktop to use in that case in the meantime.
3) The micro sd slot has no cover so if you’re worried about crqp getting stuck in there, buy a micro sd card to put in. The slot supports a (max) 64 gb card.

Thats about it for now, so far its pretty cool even though im not a big fan of windows 8 probably because of my lack of familiarity with it.

Review: C-SLR ProDot

Ok, what the heck is this?! A stick on thing for your shutter button?! Here’s the website:

Red ProDot

Yup, that’s what it is, although I guess its use is not only limited to the shutter button. Now the real question is: Should you drop everything and go get one?

In my opinion, probably not. There IS a difference in “feel” but I don’t find that it is a “must have”. It does feel easier to trip the shutter, tho. I don’t really feel the “1/2” press at all now and it takes less effort (miniscule at best) to trip the shutter. When running and gunning I feel less inclined to put so much pressure on the button.

So why did I go back and buy another set (clear ones)?

1) I really like the “feel” of the dot. You might not tho (my daughter hates it, says it makes her skin crawl)

2) It adds color and at a glance I can tell which camera is mine and or which camera it is (I have 3 camera bodies and when stored in dry box, all I can see is the side view of the grip)

3) It’s cheap and one packet contains two pieces. I put one on the camera’s shutter button and the other on the battery grips shutter button.

4) I really like the way it feels as part of the camera, I don’t have to finger hunt for the button anymore when picking up and shooting for those quick candid shots.

The one thing I REALLY hate about it, which is a major reason why I’m not heavily “praising/promoting” this is…

The dots come off rather easily (could be me and my camera transport/carrying transport style). I’ve lost a dot 3 times now, lucky for me I’ve always found them in my bag. The adhesive is “residue free” and keeps its stickyness rather well. I just put the dot back on and it stays put until the camera gets put into a snug bag.

NOTE: you don’t have to worry about getting the letters on the dot to face a certain way because the shutter button rotates. Just stick the dot on and rotate it as you please.

Clear ProDot


Just recieved my first book from (also corresponds as I ordered / uploaded the book on Dec. 12 and recieved it Dec.16. The book came via DHL (the delivered on Sunday) out of Malaysia.

I’m very happy with the quality of the 8×8 soft cover, 40 page book. It cost $56 sgd plus $7 shipping.  Colors came back accurate (my monitors are calibrated) packing was exceptional. Pricing is not that bad, Blurb is cheaper but having made books on Blurb, I can say it’s hit or miss, in terms of color rendition.

I think if the pricing was competitve (on books with 40+ pages) Photobooksingapore would get my biz. As such, my books are 100+ pages and already done in Lightroom. Having to redo them using photobooksingapore’s software would be too time consuming and frustrating (i’d have to learn how to use the software).

Plus I’ve already “paid my dues” to Blurb and gone through the color issues and LR issues . To save yourself from stress, before you send off your book to Blurb, ask for their printer profile and soft proof your book first. Mine came back good AFTER I did that. The return process wasn’t difficult, but it was a hassle.