Microstock: shoot the obvious

A blog entry I read on Dreamstime:


Your thoughts?

What I’ve learned thus far…

If you’re planning on doing microstock can I suggest a few things:

1) Develop a naming convention for your images. Something more elaborate than photo 1, photo 2. Maybe something like Dog_running, Dog_jumping. This will help you find files easier.

2) Start looking into some sort of database program for keeping track of your images on stock sites, earnings etc. I’ve been using Excel up to this point and it was great in the beginning but its become very tedious both entering info and finding data, thus I’ve endeavored using Microsoft Access. The learning curve is steep for me, but so far It’s made things simpler for me.

Some of the online tools are ok, but too limiting for my liking.

3) Join some photography clubs/sites, enter more contests. This helps in getting more eyeballs to your work thus increasing your chances at sales. It’ll also give you some feedback on your photos.

4) Check out the forums of the sites you submit to, sometimes there are buyers seeking photos.

That’s it for now, gotta get back to renaming my stock photos.