Bullied by Singtel

Puts up this advertisement: https://www.singtelshop.com/homebroadband/premiumCatalog.jsf

Even though it’s not explicitly stated (anywhere, not even in the T&C link), if you re-contract your service, you will not be getting the “FREE wireless integrated modem.” If I had known that, I would’ve let my contract expire first.

After complaining about it, I was informed that they passed a note to the relevant department to change the wording. Isn’t that an admission to “guilt”?! Still didn’t get my modem tho. Instead I have the customer service agent’s word that my current modem will be replaced if it’s faulty for the duration of my new contract AND a “gentle” reminder that this new contract is already in effect….sigh…24 months to go.

Update: I have since opened the USB dongle and surprise, surprise there’s no sim chip! I even asked the guy if the sim chip inside the dongle was the one I need to put into the tablet and he said yes.

Morale of the story! If you want all the freebies from singtel, DONT RENEW YOUR CONTRACT, even if the web page states you get it.

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