Asus T100 mini review

Having finally decided to pick this up after days of research (specs wise) in accordance to my needs.  Here are some things I kinda wish I didnt forget to check and or pick up.
1) screen protector. The screen is a finger print smudge collector and my fingers dont slide smoothly over it…
2) Make sure you have a way to load programs that you have on cd. I use an external cd drive that I have in storage. Which didnt work so I took out the cd drive from my desktop to use in that case in the meantime.
3) The micro sd slot has no cover so if you’re worried about crqp getting stuck in there, buy a micro sd card to put in. The slot supports a (max) 64 gb card.

Thats about it for now, so far its pretty cool even though im not a big fan of windows 8 probably because of my lack of familiarity with it.

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