Are you using Windows 10 yet? If so, check this out:

If you haven’t taken the time read the Terms of Service and such, you probably should. Especially, if you value your privacy. Many Tech sites have written various pieces regarding this new “invasion of privacy” attempt, here’s one from Yahoo: with tips on disabling all the “on by default” settings you may want to change.

I wonder, knowing that it’s highly possible to be have all your computer’s data compromised, what difference does it make? Being a photographer and having my photos on my computer, will someone monitoring my system steal the raw file and claim it as their own? How about programmers working on their “next big thing” will that be stolen as well and marketed first?

Does any of this really matter? Will disabling all the privacy things make them look even closer? Sigh…first world problems from a spiraling downward society.

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