AFCC Asian Children’s Book Award by Genting Singapore

AFCC Asian Children’s Book Award by Genting Singapore Call For Entries

“The Asian Children’s Book Award looks to promote the publication of Asian children’s books in multiple languages, extending their reach to other countries in the region and beyond.

The Asian Children’s Book Award offers a total of S$30,000 the winning work: S$10,000 for the writer(s), S$10,000 for the illustrator(s), and S$10,000 for the translator(s) (in the case where there is no official translation of a winning work, the translator’s prize money would instead be given to the publisher as a translation grant for the express purpose of publishing an English translation of the winning picture book).”

Is your team up to the challenge? Go for it!

Note: using Blurb may not be suitable in this instance but is possible….Read the rules and regulations first.

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